M&W Custom Trombones



Jackson, WI 

Bell Materials:

Double Valve Section  $3,960


Specs: .500" Handslide

(Optional) Dual Bore: .490"-.500"

​Bell Diameter: 7"

Handslide material options:

One or Two piece bell construction (choice of detachable or non-detachable bell):

    One-piece bells produce a sound which features a strong emphasis on the fundamental pitch being played, with good projection and stability of tone. Soldered bead is standard on one piece bells.

          Two-piece bells produce a sound with a complex range of upper overtones above the fundamental pitch being played. Strong projection, with great flexibility of sound. Non-soldered bead is standard on 2 piece bells.

Specs: .547” Handslide, .562” Valve section

Standard Bell Diameter: 8.5"

Specs: .562” Handslide
(Optional) Dual Bore: .562”-.578”
Valve Section: .594”

Standard Bell Diameter: 9.5"

(custom diameters available on special order)

929 Large Bore Double Valve Bass Trombone $6,590


929-T Large Bore Double Valve Tuning-In-Slide Bass Trombone $7,030

Yellow brass 70% copper-30% zinc. Creates a clear, pure sound, which is consistent throughout the dynamic range and tessitura. 

Gold brass 85% copper-15% zinc. Sits between yellow and red brass in overall characteristics. Produces a well balanced and flexible sound spectrum.

Red brass  90% copper-10% zinc.  Very warm, rich sound. Dense and complex in softer dynamics, with an exciting brilliance in louder dynamics. Very flexible and malleable sound spectrum.

322-T  Large Bore Single Valve Tuning-in Slide Tenor Trombone $5,730

​​​​Our products

Our Model #129 boasts a clean, crisp, characteristic “alto” sound with an exceptional ease of response. Our alto is designed to allow a full 7 position slide and is intended to work well with large bore American Tenor and Bass Trombones.

 Double valve sections are offered with yellow brass tubing in either standard independent or  dependent valve configurations. Custom valve tuning available

Prices, specifications, descriptions, and customizations.

322 Large Bore Single Valve Tenor Trombone $5,290 ​​

The M&W 929 Bass Trombone provides a rich and full foundation in any musical setting from the most delicate pianissimo to a powerful Fortissimo. The sound is complex and vibrant, with a resonant, clear projection.
M&W Bass Trombones can be configured with single valve, double independent, double dependent, in either open or traditional wrap, in the tuning of the players choice.

M&W Bass, Tenor, and Alto trombones can be customized with the following options:

Price listed does not include a case

129 Eb Alto Trombone $2775

Single valve sections are offered with yellow brass tubing and standard F valve tuning. Custom tuning is available.

With an effortless ease of response, the M&W 322, produces a gorgeous classic orchestral sound, and embodies a versatility to suit the requirements of any performing situation. With a clear, solid response of articulation and tone, the Model #322 makes it easy for the trombonist to blend well with other instruments at any dynamic level and can also effortlessly produce a powerful, distinctive trombone sound.

Nickel silver  tubes produce a slide that responds quickly, with a clear, pure sound. Very "brilliant" in louder dynamics.

Yellow brass  tubes create a rich, full sound, with a nice balance between response and depth of sound. 

Gold brass  tubes give a very dense, rich, core sound with a more deliberate attack required to maintain quick response. 

**A yellow brass handslide crook will add depth and body to the sound, where-as a nickel crook will induce brilliance and clarity to the above slide tube options.

Single Valve Section, Tenor or Bass  $2,750