M&W Custom Trombones



Jackson, WI 

M&W 322 with media blast and bright mirror finish.

M&W 322 

Single Valve

Tenor Trombone

The instrument in this photo features a two piece, red brass, bell with an unsoldered rim, a red brass tuning slide, and a yellow brass valve section. The handslide features gold brass outer tubes with a nickel silver crook. This instrument has a brushed satin finish. $5,290


We offer 3 finishes: Bright mirror, brushed satin (scratch finish), or media blast.

This 929 valve section features a brushed satin finish on the bell and valve section, and a bright mirror finish on the tuning slides.

M&W Double Valve Section


We have two different weights of valve caps, which define the response and tone of the instrument. A scratch, satin finish is shown on the left, while a media blasted finish is shown on the right.  

M&W 929  

Double Valve

​Bass Trombone

The instrument in this photo features a one piece, gold brass, bell with a soldered rim, yellow brass tuning slide and valve section.  The handslide features yellow brass outer tubes with a nickel silver crook. This instrument has  an optional G or G-flat tuning on the second valve and displays a bright mirror finish.$6,590

M&W Single Valve Section


M&W 129

Alto Trombone

This instrument shown features a two-piece red brass bell, yellow tuning slide, and .500" handslide with yellow brass outer slide tubes and a nickel crook. $2,775