M&W Custom Trombones



Jackson, WI 

”The first adjective that comes to mind when I think  of my new M&W Custom Trombone is this: Resonance!  It combines the best characteristics of all of my favorite horns I have played throughout my career. It has breadth of tone and stability as well as clarity, warmth, and substance. There are no unstable notes and the intonation is a dream. This is a horn that eliminates the sometimes subtle struggle one puts up with in the case of most professional trombones on the market. It is not just beautifully crafted with amazing precision, it is what I would call a “Smart Horn.” It has worked out a lot of problems for you beforehand and just lets you freely play what is in your heart! This is what it is all about.”

Abbie Conant
Former Principal Trombone, Munich Philharmonic (1980-1993)
Professor of Trombone,University of Music Trossingen, Germany

I would like to take a few minutes to express my congratulations to Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker on their new company, M&W Custom Trombones. I have been a fan of their work for years, beginning when they were both working for the original Greenhoe Trombone Company in Jackson, Wisconsin. Now that they have opened their own business, M&W Custom Trombones, they not only have continued, but have improved upon their quality and craftsmanship. When I received my M&W Trombone last year, I was confident and comfortable enough to pull it out of the box and perform L’Histoire du Soldat on it that evening. The overtones, projection, and ease of play, truly make M&W Trombones an outstanding choice for the musician striving for excellence.

Aaron LaVere

Principal Trombone, Baltimore Symphony

"​I have known both Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker for many years and I was very excited to hear that they were beginning their own company, M&W Custom Trombones.  I trust them to build nothing less than quality instruments. I met both of them while they were working at Greenhoe where it was a pleasure to work with these two experienced bass trombonists and fine technicians.  With their expertise, Michael and Matthew were a trusted source for myself as well as my students to advise and guide us toward the components best suited to our needs. With two experienced instrument builders and professional musicians building new trombones, it's no doubt that the instruments and components will be of the highest caliber!"

Randy Hawes

Bass Trombone, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Lecturer, Northwestern University

"I have known Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker for a number of years and I am happy that they are opening their own custom trombone manufacturing business, M&W Custom Trombones.  I think very highly of Michael and Matthew for their work, honesty, and integrity.  I know that they will offer the very best product and support for their customers at M&W Custom Trombones.  I wish them the very best in their business."

Jimmy Clark
Professor of Trombone
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Principal Trombone, Dallas Opera and Dallas Wind Symphony (Now Dallas Winds)​

"​In 2009, I met Matthew and Michael at the Greenhoe factory, where they were building very high quality bass and large-bore tenor trombones. I was able to see first-hand the great attention to detail and the care they took in making sure that every instrument that left that factory was in the absolute best looking and playing condition possible. These instruments were ready for the challenging work that professional trombonists around the world deal with on a daily basis. Being the proud owner of two such instruments, I'm thankful to have been able to perform on them on a good deal of recordings and live concerts in Los Angeles and abroad. These two gentlemen know their craft, and are available to answer any maintenance questions I have to help keep my trombones playing at their best. If you are in the market for such an instrument, I highly recommend you consider M&W Custom Trombones in your search!"

Craig Gosnell 

L.A. Freelance Bass Trombonist.​

"​Matthew and Michael bring a wealth of experience to M&W Custom Trombones, not only as innovative designers and technicians, but as established players themselves. They know what working professionals want and need in an instrument, and they know how to bring those elusive qualities to life in a custom instrument. Their signature craftsmanship is apparent in my instruments, which long ago became my “daily drivers”, and I know future clients will enjoy working with them as much as I have." 

Dennis Bubert
Bass Trombone
Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra​

​"I have no doubt that M&W Custom Trombones will be a success – due to owner/creators Michael McLemore and Matther Walker.  In addition to being a great performer, Matthew has a unique set of talents that are perfect for trombone design and creation.  He is a superb listener with customers, aware of all the current trends in the industry and the history of the modern trombone, and an excellent craftsmen.  Michael is a thorough and uber-experienced designer and technician.  Everything that comes out of the M&W shop will be the best product that Matthew and Michael can possibly make.  Anytime I have had a question about my instrument or a repair that needs to be made, they are always available.  I cannot imagine two more experienced trombone designers and creators."

Phil Ostrander
Professor of Trombone, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Principal Trombone, Minnesota Opera Orchestra​